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Renting a property

Searching for a property rental in the south of France?

What better than to experience a location and lifestyle than by having the chance to live as a local.

As tourists and holidaymakers thirst for authentic experiences and flexible alternatives to the conventional hotel style accommodation, the seasonal rental market in French Riviera is becoming more and more attractive. 

The French Riviera has visitors from all over the globe drawn to the dramatic landscapes, breathtaking views and range of cultural, sporting, shopping and leisure activities that it has to offer. We at Marks Real Estate aid our clients to find the ideal seasonal rental homes in key locations along the Riviera

Good to know when looking to rent

When looking to rent a property in the south of France there are things that should be considered, whether you are looking for an apartment or house. There is nothing worse than arriving at your holiday destination and home and being disappointed about the accommodation. Though usually the seasonal rental properties are less flexible than hotels and it can be hard to find alternatives when you already have arrived.

Be detailed

There is a difference in checking into a hotel than renting an apartment or a house. In the latter option, you are more exposed to technical problems with the accommodation as it is not usually maintained as well as a hotel and run as a professional business. Make sure you get a lot of information about the state, in-depth pictures, and videos so you can more easily determine that the quality suits you (if you cannot visit the property before you arrive). 

From standard to full-service luxury properties

We at Marks Real Estate help our clients find properties whether it is apartments for the weekend visitors to full-service properties equivalent to a 5-star hotel. We will organize the holiday after your wishes. If you search for a private chef, housekeeper, security, private chauffeur, or help to arrange an event or booking for restaurants prior to and during your stay, we are at your help and want you to have the best experience during your stay.