Monogram Marks Real Estate
The history

Words from the founder, Mark

“It was 20 years ago,  around the millennial shift I went into a partnership and open my first real estate agency in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. A place which always been close to my heart. I knew the competitive environment in Cap-Ferrat had little room for newcomers. However, my reputation quickly grew and I always relied on my values; expertise in the market, transparency, and strong working ethics. 

I later realized the industry and the partnership did not share my ethics, values and I decided to go my own way. This is how I started Marks Real Estate agency in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat year 2002. A company I could ensure is built upon my core values and are shared with the people within.”

Marks Real Estate today

Since the foundation, Marks Real Estate has been a place where buyers, sellers and renters could rely on their agent and their expertise on the local market. Striving to be a reliable choice for our customers where they are met with respect and competence.

Today, 19 years later, Marks Real Estate has a multicultural team from various horizons and life experience with different working backgrounds that brings great value to our clients. In our eyes, real estate is all about people, which is why we focus on core values in our recruitment process and teamwork is of great importance in our company.