Monogram Marks Real Estate
Maria Piault

Maria is the newest addition to the Marks team, she has joined the agency in April 2021. Her main focus is marketing and administration of the company. Maria was born in Moscow but grew up in Budapest, so you could say that her two native languages are Hungarian and Russian.

After finishing high school in Budapest she studied international business administration in German at the Economic University of Vienna. For family reasons she transferred to Hungary and finished her studies in Budapest at the Corvinus University at the faculty of Business Administration in English. She acquired her MBA degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

She has worked both in the corporate field and in the creative industries and moved to the South of France in 2017 for work where she learned the French language. Due to her international background, fluency in 5 languages, and experience in the real estate business, she is a great complement to the team.

Maria Piault