Thank you for this time, Voiles de Saint Tropez!

05 November, 2019

What’s a better way to experience the French Riviera?

Glorious sunshine and all types of breeze resulted in some extraordinary races close to the enchanting shores of Saint Tropez. 4,000 sailors and their array of 300 Modern and Classic craft are now back to their respective home ports and surely awaiting for returning to this magical and timeless festival of yachting in late September 2020.

2019 has certainly been a wonderful year here on the French Riviera and we can’t see a better way to welcome the autumn by inviting our clients and partners to the renowned sailing event – Voiles de Saint Tropez at their 20th anniversary. And besides that Les Voiles de Saint Tropez fills up the gulf of Saint Tropez with the most beautiful ships, it also shows the importance of teamwork, trust and fighting spirit – aligning our values at Marks Real Estate.

We’re thankful for spending quality time with our clients and partners and looking forward to the next event of Voiles de Saint Tropez, yet again with our beloved clients and partners. For what can be a better way to experience the Saint Tropez, its iconic waterfront properties and stunning landscape than from a sailing boat?